GRE – can you choose what scores to send? And are law schools talking GRE now?

Yes and No to both questions!

On the day you take your GRE, you can use Score Select to choose your best test days. You can represent your best test-taking day, but unlike “superscoring” on the SAT and ACT, you can’t choose one Verbal from a test day and one Quant from another test day.  More about Score-Select is described here.

LSAC                             ETS

In other news, the issue of whether law schools should accept the GRE has remained in the news since one Arizona law school changed its requirements to include GRE submissions.  The administrator of the LSAT, the LSAC, is threatening to halt the certification of LSAT scores as a sort of bargaining chip to keep the law schools GRE-free.  Many consider the LSAT a tougher test; opening the law school doors to GRE-takers would seriously hurt LSAC’s business. Read more about law schools and their plans here.


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